Mouse Comedy Podcast

Finding Humor in the Magic.

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Welcome, one and all, to the Mouse Comedy Podcast

The Mouse Comedy Podcast is all about finding humor in the magic. We are huge Disney fans, and we love going to the parks as often as possible. But sometimes our sense of humor gets the best of us, and that is how this show was born. So if you love Disney, AND can laugh at Disney, this is the show for you.

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disney dream

Now, I didn't have a Disney wedding, but I did have a Disney honeymoon! Five night cruise aboard the new Disney Dream. My lovely wife, Julie, joins us ...

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For those of you new to the show, you might know that I (Jonathan) have recently gotten married. Tairy interrogates me about the wedding (that did NOT take place ...

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disney bucket list

On this show, we pay remember Wally Boag, and discuss just some of the things he did during his great career. We also discuss all the things we have ...

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disney queue

Ok, let's be honest. When we think back to our favorite Disney park memories, we DON'T think about waiting in line. But Disney has made a science out ...

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Ok, so we finally get to recording a ride-through that we've talked about FOREVER. Join us as we travel through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye with our good ...

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I love Ducktales, but this intro to the show is probably a little more realistic. I mean, diving into a pile of gold coins? Really? Ducktales Intro Gone Wrong

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Disney refurb

Guess who's back? MC's back, back again, tell a friend. The newly-wed Tairy Barrie joins me for the first show of 2011. We cover some recent news, ...

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The Disney corporation is huge, and forever expansive.  Which means that there are many trying to make a buck off of them.  But why try to create your own success, ...

Funny Pages 1

Tairy and I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. We apologize for not putting up any new shows this month, but with the holiday ...

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(Previously aired on November 22, 2010) In this show, Julie and I record our reviews (or lack there of) of our trip around the World Showcase enjoying the Food and ...

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The Disney corporation is huge, and forever expansive.  Which means ...